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The Value of Hot-Pour Crack Filling Services

This entry was posted on Friday, January 29th, 2021.

What Is Hot-Pour Crack Filling?

Roads and parking lots see much wear and tear over the years as vehicles roll over them day after day. Even without much traffic, the weather has a daily impact. The sun’s UV rays and the rain, ice, and snow can damage asphalt quickly. Thankfully, a trustworthy asphalt repair service can help you maintain your roadways and parking lots for traffic safety, good first impressions, and savings. In particular, hot-pour crack filling is one service you don’t want to pass up.

What Is Hot-Pour Crack Filling?

Hot-pour crack filling is the first step one should take in preserving your commercial asphalt surfaces. It is a service that involves cleaning out the cracks in the asphalt and pouring in melted rubberized asphalt to prevent further damage. This method is different from cold-applied crack filling, which uses a fortified asphalt liquid to seal the cracks. The purpose of filling the cracks is to prevent them from separating further, possibly developing potholes or ruining the pavement’s foundation.

The Benefits of Hot-Pour Crack Filling

Hot-pour crack filling only takes ten minutes to cool and set, highly useful in enabling traffic to resume within a short time. This service is useful for all commercial asphalt surfaces, especially those that experience high traffic, like highways. Even so, many parking lots take advantage of this service as well. It can easily extend the pavement’s life for 3-5 more years. Although the dark lines of the hot-pour filler will stand out at first, they will fade over time and better blend in with the rest of the pavement. They will blend in even better if you apply an asphalt sealcoating.

Before and After Hot-Pour Crack Filling

Signs You Need Repairs

If your commercial road or lot has a pothole, that would need an entirely different type of repair from crack filling. You will know you are on your way to needing that, however, if you see longitudinal cracks, alligator cracks, and all other patterns of damage. Preventative care is the safest and most cost-effective way to go. 

Why Hire a Professional

A professional does his job every day, having the skills, training, and experience to perform excellently. Therefore, when you hire a professional asphalt repair company to take care of your asphalt roads and parking lots, you can be sure to get outstanding results. Teniseal/Parking Striping Corporation offers an asphalt maintenance program that makes regular upkeep easier. Contact us for more information on that and our hot-pour crack filling service!

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