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4 Main Types of Road Maintenance

This entry was posted on Thursday, March 17th, 2022.

4 Main Types of Road Maintenance

Road maintenance is essential for keeping drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists, and everyone else safe. Neglecting to care for the asphalt will lead to a total collapse of the pavement and cost the responsible personnel much more than the maintenance itself. Failing roads can also cost drivers more, with more wear and tear on their vehicles. The types of road maintenance below outline the tasks that go along with the duty and their frequency.

1. Routine

No matter how pristine your asphalt roads are, some types of road maintenance will always be routine. In fact, that is exactly how the pavement can remain in such good condition. Routine maintenance can mean the most basic care, such as sweeping, maintenance of stormwater drainage, sealcoating, and other surface-level tasks.

2. Recurrent

Recurrent maintenance can include asphalt patching and asphalt crack filling. Over time, all asphalt breaks down, unraveling the gravel within it and forming cracks and potholes. It is best to hire a professional asphalt repair company like Teniseal/Parking Striping Corporation to perform this type of road maintenance. No one can necessarily know when asphalt cracks or potholes will form, but one can expect that they will recur. 

3. Periodic

Periodic road maintenance could include any type of road preservation that works on a general schedule. For example, thermoplastic road striping may last up to five years total, depending on the road’s regular traffic level. All roads eventually need restriping and sealing to keep traffic lanes and signals clear. 

4. Emergency

Lastly, an emergency repair is necessary when major road damage occurs. For example, it could be a bridge collapse, a sinkhole collapse, a road washout, or settling due to improper asphalt installation. In this case, you will need a team of asphalt professionals to rebuild the pavement.

Road Maintenance Considerations

Maintaining the roads in Maryland is the responsibility of each county. If a private individual has a road complaint, such as a large pothole, he can report it to the county to fix it. Each county also is responsible for the planning of road repairs. The presence of traffic is always a concern, requiring tailored, guideline-compliant strategies to maintain safe and optimal traffic flow around the worksite. 

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