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Hot-Pour Crack Filling

A Properly Maintained Asphalt Surface Will Keep the Alligators Away

Before and After Hot-Pour Crack Filling

Why Do I Need an Asphalt Maintenance Program?

Like many types of applications, a new asphalt surface looks great but will only provide top performance if properly cared for. The asphalt surface is subjected to all types of weather elements such as damaging ultraviolet rays from the sun, freeze-thaw damage during winter months, and general wear and tear from constant use and exposure. Without a proper maintenance program, your asphalt surface will begin to show signs of wear.

What are the Danger Signs?

There are several ways to tell if your asphalt surface needs sealcoating or maintenance. The surface will show cracks caused by the sunlight’s drying effects; raveling, which looks like “alligator skin” cracking over the entire surface; soft spots caused by gasoline & oil spillage; and actual “lifting and resettling” of the surface due to freeze-thaw.

Hot-Pour Crack Filling

What Can You Do to Prevent Costly Damage?

Hot-Pour Crack Filling is a technique that allows the sealing material to penetrate the open pores of the asphalt, sealing it, and thus preventing, almost completely, further deterioration of the surface. This is a superior application to the standard trowel-on surface-only crack filling which is subject to weather freeze-thaw effects, sunlight oxidation, and, eventual Hot-Pour Crack Filling not only has a more pleasant appearance, it is an excellent value since it will save your asphalt investment in the long run.

How Cost-Effective is This Maintenance Program?

Preventive maintenance is always less expensive than complete replacement. Protect your asphalt investment with a thorough, professionally administered maintenance program from Teniseal. You’ll see the difference 50 years of experience can make.

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