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Speed Bumps, Speed Humps, and Rumble Strips

This entry was posted on Thursday, January 21st, 2021.

Why Use Thermoplastic Rumble Strips?

America’s main form of transportation is automobiles, and driving is undoubtedly the most common way of getting from one place to another in Maryland. With so much traffic, road engineers have had to come up with ingenious ways to make sure that drivers follow the traffic rules where it counts most. Speed bumps, speed humps, and rumble strips are three of these inventions. Teniseal/Parking Striping Corporation is happy to help determine which would be best for your traffic maintenance needs.

Speed Bumps

Around the world, speed bumps are also known as “sleeping police officer” in Britain, “muerto” in Puerto Rico, and “judder bar” in New Zealand. They are narrow, semicircular strips commonly made of either asphalt, concrete, rubber, metal, or plastic. The latter three materials create a temporary, removable speed bump, perhaps better suited for smaller roads, driveways, and parking lots near crowded events. Whether they are permanent or temporary, speed bumps bring traffic down to as slow as 5 mph.

Speed Table with Thermoplastic Crosswalk

Speed Table with Thermoplastic Crosswalk

Speed Humps

One could easily confuse speed bumps and speed humps, but the two are quite distinct. While speed bumps are short and jolting, speed humps have a more gradual curve, being flatter and wider. One would typically see a speed hump in a residential area, especially near a busy road. Cars coming from faster traffic may still be going at a higher speed than desired in this area, so a speed bump or two can help to calm the traffic down and maintain safe speeds as low as 20 mph. One should always consult with a professional on how high and wide the hump needs to be, how many should be there, and how far apart each one should be.

Speed Hump with Thermoplastic Chevros

Speed Hump with Thermoplastic Chevros

Rumble Strips

Rumble strips can be milled, rolled, or raised. If you’ve ever accidentally run off the road ever so slightly and felt and heard a loud grating against your tires, you’ve encountered a milled rumble strip. One forms this type through a specific milling machine that creates small grooves in the pavement. Rolled rumble strips consist of more pronounced indents formed during asphalt installation, while raised ones are colored markers, buttons, or striping. While rumble strips often keep drivers from the shoulder, more are placed on the centerline of unmarked, two-way roads. The result is a lower rate of head-on collisions on both busier and slower roads.

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