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How Snow and Ice Affect Asphalt

This entry was posted on Thursday, December 31st, 2020.

How Snow and Ice Affect Asphalt

It’s officially winter, and Marylanders are bracing themselves for an unpredictable winter. Oftentimes, Maryland is frigid, but can have odd temperature fluctuations that make for great conversation among locals. As people traverse the roadways, they may not realize how much the state’s winter weather can affect them. Below is a brief outline of how snow and ice affect asphalt.

Faded Lines

Owners or managers of roads and parking lots are responsible for keeping them safe and well-maintained. Without proper care in winter, ice can start to form, a slip-n-fall waiting to happen. Therefore, much salt and deicing chemicals are necessary to keep asphalt surfaces absolutely slip-free. Unfortunately, that can put some wear and tear on the asphalt’s striping. The harsh chemicals can fade the paint lines, in which case you may need restriping services when spring returns.

Potholes and Cracks

Fall maintenance saves asphalt from the dangers of water damage during winter. If your asphalt roads or parking lots have cracks and potholes, water can seep into the foundation. Maryland’s fluctuating temperatures don’t help, either; should the water turn into ice, it will expand and widen the cracks even more, and multiple rounds of this cycle will be even more damaging. Thankfully, Teniseal/Parking Striping Corporation can help repair your asphalt and prevent such problems in the future.

Old Sealcoating

Sealcoating is a service that protects asphalt from debris, UV rays, vehicle fluids, and deicers. Although it definitely helps to lengthen the road or parking lot’s lifespan, it itself is not impervious to damage. It is possible that snow plow trucks could scratch the asphalt’s protective surface, rendering it dull and less effective. Even so, it may have been a few years since you last had a sealcoating service. Once again, Teniseal is here to help!

Water Runoff

After its snows or rains in the winter, there is the potential for excess water to collect in last year’s potholes or even cause a minor flood. Improper drainage and defunct asphalt are the only reasons excess water might collect. Teniseal/Parking Striping Corporation is able to help address these issues and more, whether it’s winter or any other season.

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