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Why Road Markings Are Vital for Safety

This entry was posted on Friday, February 5th, 2021.

Why Road Markings Are Vital for Safety

Everyone drives a vehicle to get from one place to another in Maryland. Driving is essential. However, most people rarely think about the roads themselves, simply following the lanes, road markings, and traffic signs and lights. Personnel in charge of the roadways have a hefty responsibility to ensure that these very components of the road continue to be safe. In particular, one should ensure that road markings are in good condition at all times.

Regulate Traffic

Everyone who has taken their driver’s test understands that the lines and markings on the road indicate lanes, directions, and what is coming ahead. Without clearly indicated lines, arrows, etc., drivers can easily miss key information and end in an accident, even when no one else is on the road. It is true that other factors are necessary to promote road safety, such as proper lighting, signage, and good driving habits, but faded pavement markings will do nothing but detract from overall safety.

Protect Pedestrians & Cyclists

In areas with heavy pedestrian traffic, such as outdoor shopping centers, proper road markings are essential for regulating pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Drivers must keep a sharp lookout for pedestrians who might move into their path, but it helps immensely to have stopping points and crosswalks as well, not to mention speedbumps. This way, drivers must stop to give pedestrians a chance to cross over.

Why Road Markings Are Vital for Safety

Thermoplastic delineating lines and bike lane symbol with arrow

Protect Seniors and the Disabled

Pavement markings also play a vital role for seniors and those with disabilities. Without proper parking lot markings, for instance, it could be more difficult to reserve parking spaces for these individuals. Pavement markings, either of cold paint or thermoplastic, are an efficient way to give them proximity to building entrances.

Increase Visibility

There are perhaps no other times when clear, bright pavement markings are more necessary than during harsh weather or nighttime. Whether summer or winter, heavy traffic or no traffic, clear markings direct the driver toward his destination. Before the snow hits or the storm rages, it is best to ensure that your road or parking lot’s markings are still highly visible. 

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