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Tennis Court Paint Color Tips

This entry was posted on Thursday, March 24th, 2022.

Tennis Court Paint Color Tips

Installing a new tennis court or resurfacing an old one involves multiple considerations, not the least of which is the tennis court colors. Tennis court colors play a more significant role in the game and game viewing than one might expect, but Teniseal/Parking Striping Corporation can help you with every step of this process. We provide proven tennis court surfacing that will give your facility tennis courts that have long-lasting color and excellent performance. Below are a few tips for choosing your tennis court paint color combination.

Tennis Ball Visibility

The tennis court should cater to the needs of the tennis players, making the game as easy to play for them as possible. One way to do this is to select a tennis court paint color that contrasts with the tennis ball. As tennis balls are a fluorescent yellow-green color, the colors that make them most visible are blue, purple, red, and any dark color, such as forest green. 


It is best to test your potential tennis court paint color in your facility before applying it. The color could change depending on natural or electric lighting, indoors or outdoors. It could also look different on camera, a consideration you will need to take if the tournaments will be televised or recorded.


Not all tennis courts have the same theme. One can choose a classic tennis court color combination, such as blue and green or green and red, or go with a unique theme following after your business or local team’s colors. Choosing business brand colors can help with marketing, while selecting team colors can help boost team spirit.

Complementary Colors

No matter what type of theme you go with, the colors should ultimately go well together. Complementary colors and analogous colors are the best options for tennis courts. Opposite colors on the color wheel, like green and red, provide a pleasing contrast. Meanwhile, colors next to each other on the color wheel can provide an attractive contrast to the tennis balls specifically.

Test before Painting

Ultimately, you will want to test your color options and receive professional feedback before installing or resurfacing your tennis courts. Teniseal/Parking Striping Corporation has 40 years of experience installing tennis courts and other sports courts in Maryland and is qualified to help you receive exceptional service.

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