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Road Construction Work Zone Safety Tips

This entry was posted on Friday, March 11th, 2022.

Road Construction Work Zone Safety Tips

One of the biggest factors in working in the road construction industry is staying safe amid heavy highway traffic. Road construction work is a necessary job but comes with very real hazards. Each year, hundreds of fatalities occur due to work zone crashes. Every year, however, the nation continues to recognize this issue and to aim to improve work zone safety. Below, you can find work zone safety tips for road workers and drivers.

Work Zone Safety Tips for Workers

Start with a Safety Meeting

The beginning of every week or even every day of road work can begin with a briefing on the hazards of the job and a check over for all safety requirements such as PPE. Every job site is different and changes every day. Reviewing the hazards and safety rules is the best way to not forget.

Have a Plan

Every crew should also have a plan to conduct work safely before heading out to the site. Not only do they have the tools and skills to work, but also a way to maintain traffic, a person to monitor safety and hazards, and methods to avoid blind spots created by vehicles and equipment.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated and well-fed makes all the difference in a worker’s ability to stay safe on the construction site. Dehydration and low blood sugar can have devastating effects, causing a person to make careless errors.

Be Aware

Awareness is perhaps the primary tool for keeping each person safe. Awareness on the individual level is paramount for avoiding crashes within and outside of the work zone.

Work Zone Safety Tips for Drivers

Pay Attention

Likewise, drivers should also pay attention to maintain work zone safety. Distracted driving counts as negligent or even reckless driving by law and should be avoided at all costs, especially around work zones.

Slow Down

The theme of this year’s National Work Zone Awareness Week is, “Work zones are a sign to slow down.” Surprisingly, it is many times for likely for the driver to perish than the construction worker. It pays to slow down around the work zone.

Give Space

Even slowing down is just the first step. Give ample space for work zones and move to the next lane over if possible. Rear-end crashes are also highly common in work zones, so keep your distance between the car in front of you and don’t cut off trucks or buses.

Check Routes

If possible, look up your routes before traveling and avoid roads with ongoing construction work. The more space one can give workers and other drivers on the road, the better for all.

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