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3 Top Tasks for Road Maintenance

This entry was posted on Thursday, December 3rd, 2020.

Replacing thermoplastic pavement markings on HMA patching.

Road maintenance is something that every state and city need to take care of from year to year. With much traffic every day and the mutability of asphalt, roads eventually suffer some wear and tear. Of course, different types of road problems may arise that call for specific actions. For the best roads, check out the three top tasks to do to achieve excellent road maintenance.

Emergency Road Maintenance

Sometimes, emergencies happen on the road. Storms, hurricanes, and flash floods can sweep over and damage the roads. In Maryland, sinkholes can cause a section of the asphalt to collapse. Emergencies on the road are worst-case scenarios, but with a thorough plan, you can get Teniseal/Parking Striping Corporation to remediate it professionally and swiftly.

Reactive Maintenance

When there are no major road catastrophes to manage, there will still always be a to-do list of repairs. For instance, a pothole may develop on a busy road that would make the road unsafe for drivers and cars. In Maryland’s marshy areas, perpetual flooding could start to degrade the asphalt itself. Those managing the public roads should keep reactive maintenance on their list of top three road maintenance tasks for the year.

Preventative Maintenance

Even so, taking the offensive approach to keeping roads safe is only half the battle. Preventative maintenance does wonders for ensuring good quality roadways for years to come. Part of this defense strategy includes hot-pour crack filling, pavement sealcoating, and thermoplastic road marking. Teniseal offers all these services and more throughout Maryland.

Preventative maintenance with pavement sealcoating.

Preventative maintenance with pavement sealcoating.

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