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Fall Asphalt Road Maintenance Checklist

This entry was posted on Friday, August 13th, 2021.

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The fall season is coming sooner than we expect, and asphalt roads and parking lots continue to take everyday wear and tear. Asphalt takes a lot of weight over the course of a year, and while there is plenty to do during the summer to keep it in good shape, autumn is the ideal time to perform a number of maintenance tasks as well. Below is your handy fall asphalt road maintenance checklist in Maryland.

Remove Debris

Especially if you manage a parking lot, remove leaves from the surface if it begins piling up. Fall leaves and other debris can shorten the lifespan of the asphalt; if the asphalt has not been sealcoated in the last several years, dirt, oil spills, vehicle fluids, and disintegrating autumn leaves can seep into the asphalt itself. Aside from keeping your asphalt clean, sealcoating is a necessary protection against harmful debris. 

Inspect for Cracks & Potholes

Summer and winter can both wreak havoc on asphalt pavement, particularly if it has cracks. High heat causes asphalt to expand. When the temperature falls, the asphalt contracts. This fluctuation will eventually cause asphalt to crack and for those cracks to expand and close. Water that enters the cracks, freezes, and thaws also cause damage. Hot-pour crack filling is the way to protect your commercial pavement before winter comes around.

Inspect for Pooling Water

Another good fall asphalt road maintenance task is to inspect for pooling water. Dips in your asphalt pavement could happen due to numerous reasons, but in general, it signals that the underlying asphalt layers are deteriorating. Fixing a problem like this is best done by a professional; if you are in Maryland, Teniseal/Parking Striping Company is more than happy to help.

Fix Up Before Winter

Winter brings cold and unpredictable weather in Maryland. Fall asphalt road maintenance takes care of summer damage and prepares for the harshness of winter. Temperate weather is the best time for sealcoating, hot-pour crack filling, and more. Before it gets too cold, restripe your fading parking lot or road lines for fall and winter traffic safety. To make your fall asphalt road maintenance even easier, check out Teniseal Corp.’s asphalt maintenance program. Have any questions? Contact Teniseal/Parking Striping Corporation!

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