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Types of Commercial Asphalt Sealers

This entry was posted on Friday, March 19th, 2021.

Types of Commercial Asphalt Sealers

Commercial asphalt is all-important in American transportation. Without asphalt roads, transportation would become much more tedious, never mind dangerous. While commercial asphalt provides a safe, smooth surface on which countless vehicles can run each day, taking care of that surface is also crucial. Before jumping to use the first maintenance service one sees, it could help understand the different types of commercial asphalt sealers available.

Coal Tar Sealers

Coal tar sealers are the most popular form of commercial asphalt sealers today. They do a fantastic job of preventing oil, water, and debris from staining or seeping through the pavement. They also have significant durability and a notable shiny finish. This water-based sealant comes about through baking coal, from which manufacturers extract coke and add it to a mixture of coal tar and other additives for maximum durability. Because of the coke ingredient, coal tar sealers are petroleum-resistant. 

Fast-Dry Sealers

Fast-dry sealers are ideal for high-traffic areas where life doesn’t have time to stop. Gas station lots, hospital lots, and highways are some of the types of commercial asphalt that could use fast-dry sealers. As the name implies, this type of sealer dries swiftly, even in under an hour. It is due to the geotextile fibers added to the mixture. Because this sealer offers this high-value benefit, it is more expensive than some other options.

Asphalt Emulsion Sealers

Asphalt emulsion sealers are perhaps as popular as coal tar sealers. They are known as the environmentally-friendly version of coal tar sealers, due to the reduction in oxidation, smell, and skin irritation, and the preservation of air quality. One should note that in using asphalt emulsion sealers, one must apply it between May and September during optimal temperatures, generally limiting them to daytime application. 

Teniseal’s Commercial Asphalt Sealant

Teniseal/Parking Striping Corporation is proud to serve Maryland in all its commercial asphalt maintenance needs. Teniseal Corporation offers hot-pour crack filling, thermoplastic road marking, parking lot striping, and sealcoating. Sealing commercial asphalt should be accomplished every three years to ensure that the asphalt stays free of cracking, raveling, and fading. With Teniseal’s emulsion sealers, you can be sure that your pavement will receive high-quality protection against oil spills, debris, water, and weathering. For more information, contact Teniseal/Parking Striping Corporation today!

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Teniseal Corporation specializes in the application, restoration and maintenance of all types of asphalt surfaces. It makes sense to trust your asphalt job to experts with the experience and technical know-how to do your project right from the start to provide a long-lasting result. Teniseal offers services for Baltimore, Anne Arundel, Howard, Prince George’s, Harford, Carroll, and Montgomery counties in Maryland. For more information, email them at [email protected], or call them at 410-485-5660 or 410-485-0717. Keep in touch on social media through Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn!