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Why Use Thermoplastic Rumble Strips?

This entry was posted on Friday, July 23rd, 2021.

Why Use Thermoplastic Rumble Strips?

If you’ve ever accidentally glided a little too close to the edge or middle of a road and experienced a very unpleasant grating and rumbling under your tires, you’ve encountered a rumble strip. Rumble strips come in various designs and materials, but, in some cases, thermoplastic rumble strips are best. Here’s a little more about rumble strips in general and why thermoplastic ones might suit your road project best.

Rumble Strips

Rumble strips mark the edge and center line of a road. They have proven useful for alerting inattentive or sleepy drivers, slowing vehicles, preventing head-on and off-the-road crashes, and guiding vehicles in poor weather conditions. Cyclists might complain of the uneven ground, but one can work with that and create the necessary path for them still.

There are three types of rumble strips: milled, rolled, and raised.

  • Milled rumble strips are evenly-spaced grooves dug into the asphalt. They offer the greatest noise and vibration out of the three, and are widely believed to be the most durable. 
  • Rolled rumble strips are V-shaped grooves pressed into the asphalt during its installation. A large wheel with the appropriate notched shape creates these indents. The result is an effective but quieter rumble strip.
  • Raised rumble strips are rectangular or round adhesives sticking directly to the pavement. Thermoplastic rumble strips fall into this category. These strips provide the vibration and noise plus a visual cue, often colored white, yellow, or a fluorescent color.

Thermoplastic Rumble Strips

Milled and rolled rumble strips are perhaps the most prevalent and ideal for areas that have heavy snow every winter, as they do not disrupt the work of snowplows. However, in circumstances where they are not practical and in warm-weather areas, raised thermoplastic rumble strips are used. Thermoplastic rumble strips can consist of multiple layers of thermoplastic road paint or a plastic insert that goes under the thermoplastic paint. 

Thermoplastic itself is a highly durable material increasingly used for marking roads. It is far more durable than other types of road paint and lasts for several years at a time. The two types of thermoplastic road paint are hydrocarbon and alkyd; Teniseal/Parking Striping Corporation, located in Baltimore, can help you decide which product and design would be best. Contact them for more information!

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