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Road Striping for Traffic Calming: Benefits

This entry was posted on Friday, June 4th, 2021.

Road Striping for Traffic Calming: Benefits

For generations, people have become accustomed to thinking that the road is merely for drivers. Naturally, roads are made mainly for cars, trucks, and other vehicles, which take up the majority of road traffic. However, pedestrians and cyclists also use the road. Today, there is a move toward gearing the roadways with pedestrians and cyclists in mind, and one of the main strategies is traffic calming. Below are the benefits of road striping for traffic calming in particular.

What Is Traffic Calming?

Traffic calming is the slowing of vehicle speeds in a particular area through various means. The goal is to reduce the likelihood of fatal vehicle run-ins with pedestrians or cyclists. One can implement traffic calming through numerous methods, including speed signs, mini-roundabouts, speed bumps, and street narrowing, but road striping for traffic calming has proven truly beneficial. If you are looking to use thermoplastic paint, Teniseal/Parking Striping Corporation only uses thermoplastic paint for speed hump markings, but otherwise uses durable road paint for other applications. Contact them for more details!

Benefits of Road Striping for Traffic Calming


One of the top benefits of using road striping for traffic calming is its affordability. Depending on the road striping project, you could easily spend half of the cost that another measure, like speed bumps, might cost you. Road striping merely consists of high-quality, durable paint.

Emergency Vehicle-Friendly

Many traffic calming measures involve creating a vertical or horizontal change in the road, such as speed humps, roundabouts, or street narrowing. While these strategies are effective for reducing speeds, they could make an emergency vehicle run a little later as well. Paint on the road might give the illusion that the street becomes narrower, but it won’t delay the arrival of an ambulance or fire truck. 


Road striping is also future-proof. If the strategy does not work as well as hoped or the road design is changing, one can always remove or cover the paint. Road markings are the most flexible option.


Even so, you’ll likely be pleased to see how well your road striping works for reducing traffic speeds. Numerous case studies have displayed that traffic calming road markings such as centerlines, striped chicanes, striped speedhumps, and striped medians do significantly slow traffic in that area.

Quick Installation

If you are interested in implementing road striping on your busy street, you’ll be glad to know it won’t take long to complete at all. Road marking installations take only a limited time compared to many other methods. 

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