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Types of Road Striping Paint

This entry was posted on Friday, July 30th, 2021.

Types of Road Striping Paint

What types of road striping projects are on your calendar? Different road striping projects need different types of road paint. Of course, each kind has its pros and cons, and some might be more suitable than others. Teniseal/Parking Striping Corporation specializes in road striping as well as sealcoating and hot-pour crack filling. If you are looking for road marking services, see these types of road striping paint below.

Solvent-Based Paint

Solvent-based paints fall into two categories: acetone-based and epoxy. Acetone-based road striping paint is acceptable in the Mid-Atlantic region and is best used for parking lots and parking garages. Its advantage is that it can be applied in colder temperatures. However, cleanup involves using a toxic solvent that needs proper disposal.

Epoxy paint is a competitive option fit for concrete or asphalt surfaces, offering durability and abrasion resistance. There are different versions of this paint for highways and for parking lots and garages, besides interior epoxy paint. 

Most solvent-based road paints are banned due to environmental reasons. These paints may have their benefits, but many are toxic. Therefore, it’s best to consult with your road striping company on which paint is best.

Water-Based Paint

Water-based paint is the most affordable kind of road marking paint on the market. This might also be known as cold paint. This option is easy to apply, easy to clean up, and the most environmentally friendly. On the other hand, drying takes longer in humid weather and freezing temperatures can break down the paint. While this paint is used for highways, parking lots, and commercial garages, it breaks down the fastest and cannot be applied in cold temperatures.

Thermoplastic Paint

Thermoplastic road paint naturally includes thermoplastic in its ingredients. A road striping specialist heats the paint in a machine and applies it to the heated asphalt, forming a strong bond. There are different ways to apply thermoplastic paint, including extrusion, screed, and spray. One can choose between alkyd and hydrocarbon versions for different roadway applications. It might cost more than water-based paint, but it will last far longer. If you have a road striping project and need an experienced road striping contractor, contact Teniseal/Parking Striping Corp.!

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