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Types of Road Markings for Cyclists

This entry was posted on Tuesday, May 18th, 2021.

How Painted Bike Lanes Improve Safety

The weather grows warm again, which means cyclists are more likely to be out on the roads again! Traffic safety takes cyclists into account as well as drivers and pedestrians, and this has led to an entire library of road markings for cyclists in particular. Teniseal/Parking Striping Corporation can install these types of road markings and so many more.


Sharrows combine the words “share” and “arrow” to describe a road marking that signals to share the lane with cyclists. On the street, you might see a white painted bicyclist with a double arrow pointing upward above it. Some sharrows only have one arrow, also. A driver should expect cyclists to fully share the road, but pass them when safe.

Bike Lane

A bike lane is located on the far right side of the road and is marked off by one or two white lines. In Maryland, it is 5 feet wide and contains a sharrow, the cyclist with the arrow, on it. The street provides two separate lanes for drivers and cyclists, which can be useful for areas with higher traffic. In some cities, the bike lane will have a completely different color than any other road marking, such as bright green, to make a clear distinction. However, the bike lane does not provide any more protection for cyclists besides the road markings.

Protected Bike Lane

Similar to the bike lane, road markings for cyclists include lanes with a buffer in between them and regular road traffic. The buffer is a parallel white line with diagonal white stripes. Vehicles can cross over to make a right turn, granted no bicyclists are present. Other protected bike lanes include ones with narrow buffers and bollards installed along it, which add the greatest protection while still making room for cyclists on the road. 

Bike Boulevard

A bike boulevard is a separate street or side street specifically for cyclists and pedestrians. Completely off the road, it may have its own road markings, such as a dotted white line to organize travelers into two lanes. Similarly, a bike trail may have its own yellow or white road markings too.

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