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Thermoplastic Road Paint Enhances Retroreflectivity

This entry was posted on Friday, December 10th, 2021.

Thermoplastic Road Paint Enhances Retroreflectivity

One can find different types of paints for roads and parking lots, and each has its strengths. Some paints are better suited to lighter or heavier traffic conditions, some last longer than others, some have different application conditions, and some are more or less environmentally friendly. One of the most important aspects of road paint is its retroreflectivity. Thermoplastic road paint excels in enhancing retroreflectivity. Here’s more about it below!

Basics of Thermoplastic Road Paint

Thermoplastic road paint includes a plastic ingredient found in many commercial and industrial products, including toys, shampoo bottles, DVDs, automobile parts, sealants, and much more. It consists of polymer resins, pigments, glass beads, and other additives. 

There are two kinds of thermoplastic road marking paint: hydrocarbon and alkyd. Hydrocarbon paint has a petroleum-based resin and is best used for long, skip, and edge lines. Meanwhile, alkyd paint has a wood-based resin and can endure the wear and tear of vehicle fluids and high traffic. 

Thermoplastic paint comes in a powder form that melts when heated, and it is in its liquid form that one uses it for road striping and marking. Professionals check that all the conditions are acceptable for application; for example, the outdoor temperature must be at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit and the asphalt pavement must be clean and dry. Thermoplastic road paint does not take long to dry, so it is ideal for minimizing road closures.

Thermoplastic paint results in exceptional road markings. Teniseal/Parking Striping Corporation has been using thermoplastic road paint to better Maryland roads for sixty years!

The Importance of Road Paint Retroreflectivity

Installing lines that will shine bright in the daytime is one matter, but keeping them bright in the dark or in poor weather is essential. Thermoplastic paint does this excellently with the addition of glass beads designed for retroreflectivity. Retroreflectivity is the focusing of light directly back to its source. These retroreflective glass beads sit at a certain depth in the thermoplastic paint, thereby creating bright, visible road lines both day and night.

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If you need a reliable road striping contractor, Teniseal/Parking Striping Corp. provides experienced service and durable thermoplastic road paint! Thermoplastic is durable, long-lasting, free of toxic VOCs, and retroreflective! Contact us for more information!

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