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How Painted Bike Lanes Improve Safety

This entry was posted on Friday, December 3rd, 2021.

How Painted Bike Lanes Improve Safety

Over the past two decades, more people all over the country are taking to the roads on their bicycles. Bicycling has grown significantly since 2005, and even more so during the 2020 pandemic. In fact, many continue to use biking as a major mode of transportation beyond 2021. With the increased rate of bicyclists on the roads comes an increased risk and rate of bicycle/vehicle accidents. How can one improve road safety for bicyclists? Here’s how painted bike lanes come to the rescue.

Increase Visibility

Neon green bike lanes certainly make a statement, and that is exactly their goal. Painted bike lanes increase the visibility of bicyclists and their right of way in their lanes. With increased visibility, motorists are more likely to take caution before drifting or crossing into those lanes. 

Discourages Illegal Parking

It also discourages vehicles from parking in areas where parked cars and trucks are not allowed. Blocking off the section with durable, neon green paint kills two birds with one stone: first, it gives bicyclists their own designated lane, and second, it keeps vehicles from trespassing whatsoever.

Emphasizes Multi-Modal Road Use

Motorists tend to understand the need to give the right of way to pedestrians, but when it comes to sharing the road with other non-vehicles, it could be a problem. For decades, the idea has always been that roads are for vehicles, not bikes. Giving bicyclists a painted lane, especially in inner cities, emphasizes that the road is for both vehicles and bicycles alike.

Additional Safety Measures

While coloring in bike lanes is an extra measure of safety for regular bike lanes, it is not the only safety precaution necessary to stop all incidents of bike and vehicle collisions. Depending on the circumstances, medians, bollards, or some other devices could be warranted for providing the most protection. Ultimately, motorists and bicyclists need to be cognizant and aware of traffic rules to stay safe.

Best Paint for Painted Bike Lanes

Could your roadways benefit from painted bike lanes? If you are in Maryland, Teniseal/Parking Striping Corporation is the company you want for the job. We are experienced and skilled in installing the best paint for bike lanes, methyl methacrylate (MMA) coating. MMA coating provides excellent retroreflectivity, durability, and environmental friendliness. 

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