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Reflective Road Striping for Traffic Safety

This entry was posted on Thursday, April 15th, 2021.

How Long Does Thermoplastic Paint Last?

Thousands of Maryland drivers use the highways and local roads every day. Any native resident will know that some roads are more hazardous than others. For many Marylanders, safety on the road is always something to guard. However, road safety does not wholly depend on one’s responsible driving, but also on road quality. Over the years, reflective road striping has improved and is truly vital for traffic safety today.

The Importance of Road Reflectivity

Nighttime driving is always a different, perhaps greater challenge than daytime driving. In 2017, almost 50% of fatal vehicle accidents happened at night. Add heavy rain to the equation, and you have an even more dangerous situation, with 70% of vehicle accidents happening on wet roadways. It is estimated that driving at night while it is raining increases the risk of an injury crash by 7.7 times, and the risk of a fatal crash by 10 times. It is only through highly advanced, reflective road striping that road engineers can maintain safety.

Why Choose Thermoplastic?

Road reflectivity is achieved by inserting tiny glass beads into road paint. There are different types of road paints, such as water-based paints, solvent-based paints, and biorenewable paints. Thermoplastic road marking paint is a powder-based paint. Road striping personnel heat the powder, turning it into a liquid, and apply it through a road striping machine. 

This powder is a compound of ingredients that include acrylic, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, and polycarbonate, which prove to be a highly durable combination. The paint seeps into the compound, so there is no risk of losing pigment over time. Glass beads may or may not be added to the mix. Thermoplastic road marking paint is the best type of paint for long-lasting road markings.

Reflective Road Striping Services

In the past two decades, reflective road striping has improved. A common problem was that, although the glass beads reflected brightly at night, they became dimmer during rain. This diffusion happened because the rainwater significantly widened the beads’ retroreflective optics. With higher RI optics in the glass beads, reflectivity is maintained despite heavy rains. This latest technology, combined with thermoplastic, creates the best solution and the best road safety possible. 

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