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Advantages of Alkyd Thermoplastic Paint

This entry was posted on Friday, December 17th, 2021.

Advantages of Alkyd Thermoplastic Paint

Thermoplastic road marking paint is renowned for its excellent durability compared to other types of road paint. Its durability is what makes it the first choice for road striping projects across the country on many types of roads. Thermoplastic paint is a type of plastic that melts and bonds with the pavement when it reaches a certain temperature. It is no doubt a worthy road paint, but did you know there are two types of thermoplastic on which to decide? This post shall focus on alkyd thermoplastic paint, which has a wood-based resin. Here are the advantages you can get with alkyd thermoplastic paint.

Impervious to Oil

Because of its wood-based resin, alkyd thermoplastic is highly resistant to oil, petroleum, and other vehicle fluids. Its chemistry allows it to stay intact for longer on roads and parking zones with the heaviest traffic. For this reason, alkyd thermoplastic is the preferred road paint for inner-city roads, urban roads, and highways. On roads with less traffic, the paint will last even longer.

Highly Durable

Thermoplastic in itself is highly durable. Its combination of plastic, resins, pigments, and glass beads make it tough against harsh weather and traffic conditions alike. It can also handle the effect the weather has on the asphalt beneath it; in hot and cold temperatures, asphalt expands and contracts. With all of these elements wearing the road paint over time, one can expect alkyd thermoplastic paint to last at least 3-5 years

High Retroreflectivity Value

Due to the plasticity of thermoplastic road paint, it does very well in retaining glass beads for retroreflectivity. Road striping crew typically add the glass beads in immediately after paint application, and the glass beads sit at a particular depth. Alkyd thermoplastic paint is also known for its high retroreflectivity value, enabling crowded vehicles to clearly see road markings at night and in poor weather conditions.

Is It Time for Thermoplastic Road Striping?

Perhaps it has been a few years since the last road striping project. How are your roads looking now? If the lines and markings are faded, cracked, and invisible at a certain distance, it is probably time to consider scheduling road striping. Is alkyd thermoplastic paint right for you? Teniseal/Parking Striping Corporation can help you out!

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