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How Thick Is Thermoplastic Road Paint?

This entry was posted on Tuesday, December 28th, 2021.

How Thick Is Thermoplastic Road Paint?

Thermoplastic road paint is best known for its incredible durability compared to other road paints. In many traffic scenarios, including those with the heaviest traffic, thermoplastic beats all. That’s why Teniseal/Parking Striping Corporation specializes in implementing this road striping material on Maryland’s beautiful roadways. How exactly does thermoplastic keep its strength and longevity? Aside from its chemical qualities, the thickness of thermoplastic road paint is what makes it so great.

The Thickness of Thermoplastic Road Paint

The thickness of thermoplastic road paint ranges from 30 to 125 millimeters. The thickness of the thermoplastic road stripes should be uniform throughout for the best results. Naturally, the thinner the road striping, the faster it will wear out and need refreshing. 

When installing thermoplastic road paint, professional road stripers can monitor both the wet thickness and the dry thickness to ensure it is consistent throughout. A common tool for this job is a graduated machinist ruler. Another option is to lay black duct tape or a metal plate in the dispensing device path. 

Calculating Road Paint Thickness

After knowing the typical thickness range of thermoplastic paint, the next question is how thick the paint should be for your road striping project. Not only will the paint thickness affect the paint’s longevity and practicality, but it will also affect how much paint you use in the project in the first place. It is a matter of figuring out what is both practical and cost-effective. If the asphalt roadway will not last much longer before it needs resurfacing, a thinner road striping might do. On the other hand, if you need to implement stronger traffic control measures, thermoplastic rumble strips might be necessary.

Concern about Thermoplastic Paint Thickness

Some might say that the thickness of thermoplastic road paint is a detriment rather than a benefit to its longevity. In particular, the concern is that snowplows can scratch up the thick thermoplastic paint in winter. In warmer climates with less snow, this is less likely to be an issue. It is also not likely to be a problem given today’s road stripe positioning and snowplowing strategies. 

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