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Elements of Successful Thermoplastic Paint Application

This entry was posted on Wednesday, October 13th, 2021.

Elements of Successful Thermoplastic Paint Application

Thermoplastic paint is a combination of binders, resins, pigments, and glass beads that fuse with asphalt pavement when heated. It is completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and with its proven durability, it is the most prominently used heavy-duty road paint today. Even so, its quality is just the start of why it is such a great product. What makes thermoplastic desirable is the total elements of successful thermoplastic paint application.

Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is one key step in a successful thermoplastic paint application. The surface must be completely dry, clean, and free of dust. One also needs to check the surface and air temperatures, as any temperature under 50 degrees Fahrenheit will thwart a successful application. In some cases, applying primer is a necessary step to ensure the thermoplastic binds to the asphalt. Teniseal/Parking Striping Corporation can evaluate and explain to you whether this step is required for your road striping project.

Application Method

Application is just as important as the road paint itself. The road marking team can use at least one of three methods, screed, spray, and extrusion, to apply the markings. The thermoplastic paint block or granules go through an applicator machine that melts the material and applies it to the pavement. Glass beads are added right away for reflectivity during poor weather and nighttime conditions. The crew must also account for wind, humidity, and temperature when adjusting the temperature of the melted thermoplastic.

Elements of Successful Thermoplastic Paint Application


Using primer when needed is one step in creating the right chemical bond between the pavement and the thermoplastic. The application temperature should generally be between 400 and 440 degrees to maintain the chemical reaction needed for bonding. Meanwhile, one should never mix alkyd and hydrocarbon thermoplastic paints together. 

A Qualified Crew

The best way to ensure a successful thermoplastic paint application is to do it right the first time. The way to do this is to hire a professional and experienced thermoplastic road marking team familiar with your area’s roads and conditions. A qualified team will know how to prepare the pavement, prime if needed, and apply the thermoplastic paint cleanly and accurately. They will also know how to practice safety and deal with any issues at once. If you are looking for such a team for your project, see how Teniseal/Parking Striping Corporation can help you!

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