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Basic Equipment for Thermoplastic Road Marking

This entry was posted on Wednesday, October 27th, 2021.

Basic Equipment for Thermoplastic Road Marking

Thermoplastic road paint is an excellent choice for Maryland roads: it is highly durable, has a wider window of time for application due to warmer climates, and is perfect for the state’s inner-city roads. What makes thermoplastic truly a great road paint is partly its application process. The way it is applied has a major impact on how it will perform. Below is a closer look at the basic equipment for thermoplastic road marking used by professionals like Teniseal/Parking Striping Corporation.

Priming Equipment

In some cases, your pavement will require primer before the thermoplastic can go down. This will ensure that the thermoplastic road paint bonds successfully with the cement or asphalt. Priming equipment typically uses a spray method for application. The primer application machine can be either attached to the thermoplastic applicator or be its own device, usually a hand-push or mobile machine.

Mixers & Agitators

Mixing and agitating equipment combine the ingredients of the thermoplastic paint, such as pigments, binders, and resins, and ensure an even temperature throughout the product. One will find these in melting kettle and paint dispensing machinery.

Osten St Thermo

Melting Kettle

At least one melting kettle is used in preparing the thermoplastic road paint for installation on the pavement. The melting kettle is where thermoplastic blocks or granules are heated and then poured into the thermoplastic paint dispensing machine. Thermoplastic paint must be above 400 degrees Fahrenheit, with the outdoor climate being above 50F for successful application. Some companies might use more than one melting kettle to increase application speed and production.

Thermoplastic Paint Dispenser

Thermoplastic paint dispensers are the machines that companies like Teniseal/Parking Striping Corporation use for every thermoplastic road marking job. The size of the machine differs depending on the size of the job; some machines require driving, others are self-propelled, and others are pushed by hand. 

Aside from size and scope, there are also different thermoplastic paint application methods that have their corresponding machines: spray, ribbon, and extrusion. Each machine will install the paint in straight lines with uniform thickness. 

Glass Bead Dispenser

Right after the thermoplastic bonds with the pavement, glass beads are added to a depth of 60% of the paint to add retroreflectivity to the lines and markings. Without these beads, the markings would be practically invisible in poor visibility conditions. The bead dispenser is either attached to the thermoplastic dispenser or is a separate machine. For more information, contact Teniseal/Parking Striping Corp.!

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