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Thermoplastic Road Markings

This entry was posted on Thursday, November 12th, 2020.

Thermoplastic Road Markings

In the United States, it can be challenging to get anywhere without having to drive. As everyone goes about their business, few if any consider the technology that went into making the roads and lots safe with markings. As a manager of roads or parking lots, you can be at ease knowing that refreshed road markings are promoting safety in everyday life. If you are looking for such a service, thermoplastic road markings will do the trick.

What Are Thermoplastic Road Markings?

Thermoplastic paint is made of a combination of hydrocarbon, alkyd, acrylic modified alkyd, and other substances. Glass beads also make up the composition, adding the advantages of high reflectivity and traction. When applying the paint as road markings, one heats it up to a high enough temperature that it melts and seeps into the pavement surface. One can alter the thickness of the paint and create a rumble strip if desired.

TRM Uses

Numerous industries use thermoplastics in many diverse ways, such as packaging, medical equipment, and machinery. In the pavement marking industry, thermoplastics are useful in many areas, including:

  • All parking lot lines and symbols, such as parking space lines, reserved spaces, stop road markings, traffic arrows, no parking zones
  • Taxi, bus, and bike lanes
  • All road and highway markings, including pedestrian crosswalks, traffic arrows, highway and road dividers, interstate symbols, and traffic symbols

If you have a road marking you need to designate on your road or parking lot project, a professional thermoplastic road markings company can deliver it.

What Are the Benefits?

Why use thermoplastic road markings for your project instead of regular road paint? First, its material is highly durable, crack-resistant, and lasts for many more years. It also takes less than an hour to dry and set, making application a swift deal. The paint can come in many different colors as well. Because of its thickness and reflectivity, it significantly promotes safety for pedestrians and vehicles alike, day or night. 

Who to Call?

With the vital task of pavement marking, you’ll want to call in a professional with experience and a great reputation for excellent work and customer service. Teniseal/Parking Striping Corporation is an asphalt installation, repair, and maintenance company with over 50 years of experience. If you want high-quality results for your road marking, call Teniseal!

Contact Teniseal/Parking Striping Corporation for Your Asphalt Repair!

Teniseal Corporation specializes in the application, restoration and maintenance of all types of asphalt surfaces. It makes sense to trust your asphalt job to experts with the experience and technical know-how to do your project right from the start to provide a long-lasting result. Teniseal offers services for Baltimore, Anne Arundel, Howard, Prince George’s, Harford, Carroll, and Montgomery counties in Maryland. For more information, email them at [email protected], call 1-888-436-4732, or call the alternative numbers 410-485-5660 or 410-485-0717. Keep in touch on social media through Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn!