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When to Restripe the Roads

This entry was posted on Thursday, August 26th, 2021.

When to Restripe the Roads

Road markings are what keep people in their lanes and going in the right direction. Road stripes help people stay safe on the road both day and night, in any weather and season, but eventually they do need maintenance. Road markings need inspecting at least once a year and need to be restriped under ideal conditions. How do you do it’s time to restripe the roads? These parameters are key.

Daytime Performance

A professional can inspect the road markings for daytime performance by measuring how far one can see them from inside a vehicle. Visible deterioration such as cracked paint and worn-off paint are other signs that the road has become less safe and needs restriping. Even in broad daylight, one needs to see the road markings clearly.

Nighttime Performance

Even more important than daytime performance is nighttime performance. Visibility is compromised at night and even more so during bad weather. One can perform a similar test on the markings to see how far one can still see the existing markings from inside a vehicle with the headlights on.  


A professional can help you determine the retroreflectivity of your current road stripes as well. Retroreflectivity in road markings is essential for nighttime driving and driving in bad weather. Glass beads in the road paint create this reflectivity, angled in such a way that they make the lines visible and clear even with rainwater covering it. 

Season & Temperature

Among the types of road paint available, thermoplastic road paint is one of the most durable and beneficial for high traffic areas. Thermoplastic road paint is heated before it is applied, so the conditions under which it is applied matters. The weather must be at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit to apply thermoplastic road markings, and the warmer and dryer the weather, the better. Higher temperatures will help the thermoplastic bond with the pavement, and drier air will help the paint dry faster. In Maryland, spring through fall is ideal. 


Over time, thermoplastic and other types of road paint will deteriorate. The road paint’s lifespan will differ depending on numerous factors, including how heavy the traffic is. One can expect thermoplastic road paint to last between 3-8 years. 

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