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5 Signs You Need Parking Lot Striping Services

This entry was posted on Wednesday, December 9th, 2020.

5 Signs You Need Parking Lot Striping Services

Parking lots are plentiful in Maryland, where many shopping centers, parks, offices, and other establishments cluster together. All of these lots require servicing routinely for the safety of all users. One of these necessary services is parking lot striping. Below are the signs that your parking lot needs parking lot striping services.

Faded Lines

Faded lines are perhaps the most evident sign that you’ll need parking lot striping services. If the lines are not as vibrant as they once were, they will be harder for any driver to see them. This poses a danger to all users, as lines indicate much more than just where to park. They also include stopping points, traffic directions, crosswalks, handicap spots, no-zones, and more.

Traffic Trouble

If at first you don’t notice that the markings have faded, you might be able to tell based on traffic behavior. With unclear indications on where to turn, stop, park, and walk, it can lead to hairier traffic patterns. Vehicles and pedestrians alike can become more confused and less careful about where to cross.

5 Signs You Need Parking Lot Striping Services

Bad Parking Jobs

Not everyone is a stellar driver, but a bad parking job might not be their fault. If you see an uptick in cars parking over the lines, it could be because they don’t even see the lines and are estimating what the right spacing or angle might be. With more vehicles parking wherever they can, the parking lot has less space to accommodate them efficiently.

Faded Handicap Spots

Along with the issue of faded parking lines in general, faded handicap spots are an especial problem. Without a clear indication that the handicapped have designated spots, others may take over and inadvertently force the disabled to take positions farther away, which could be less safe for them. By law, there must be at least one handicapped parking space for every 25 spaces in both private and public lots.

5 Signs You Need Parking Lot Striping Services

Crumbling Asphalt

Lastly, one should seriously consider calling for parking lot striping services if the asphalt is crumbling. Asphalt deteriorates over time, and crumbling can make the lot less safe and the lines less clear. Teniseal/Parking Striping Corporation is here to deliver asphalt repair and maintenance from sealcoating to thermoplastic marking

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