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Road Striping Mistakes to Avoid

This entry was posted on Friday, September 17th, 2021.

Road Striping Mistakes to Avoid

Road and parking lot striping may look easy to the casual viewer, but on closer inspection, such as trying to do it oneself, one will find that it is a very precise job with no room for error. There is a reason why professionals are the best at doing it. Before trying to do it yourself, remember these road striping mistakes to avoid.

Not Cleaning the Pavement

Preparation is key to any road striping job. One of the tasks is to clean the asphalt properly before beginning. The pavement will naturally become dirty between striping jobs, having fallen leaves, vehicle fluids, dirt, debris, and other grime. Without removing as much dirt as possible from the asphalt surface, the road paint will fail to bond with the pavement as well as it should.

Not Using the Right Paint

There are all kinds of road paints available for different kinds of road and parking lot conditions. Each has its own pros and cons, but if you are looking for a highly durable and reflective paint, thermoplastic road paint is a great option. Talk with Teniseal/Parking Striping Corporation to learn what the best road paint might be for your project!

Not Following the Rules

Local and state guidelines may set the rules for how to stripe and mark a parking lot and road. If you accidentally miss one of these rules, you will have the misfortune of having to redo your work, which is money, time, and energy lost. It is best to research the rules carefully and know them by heart, or else call a professional who knows them down pat.

Not Designing Properly

Road and parking lot design can be more complex and precise than meets the eye. Parking lot spaces are angled or straight, depending on what would create the smoothest traffic flow. Standard stencils and stickers applied properly ensure that arrows, handicap symbols, and other markings are uniform and clear. One also needs to factor in how to create straight lines on an uneven surface, given the circumstances.

Not Using the Right Method

There are also different methods of applying road striping paint, such as spray, screed, and extrusion. You will need professional advice to determine which method is best. With all these tips, you are less likely to make a number of road striping mistakes!

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