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Is Asphalt Sealcoating Necessary?

This entry was posted on Friday, January 28th, 2022.

Is Asphalt Sealcoating Necessary?

One of the greatest controversies in the asphalt world is whether or not one should seal their commercial asphalt parking lot or roadway. Some say it is completely unnecessary, while others say it has its merits. Indeed, asphalt sealcoating is necessary to provide longevity to your commercial asphalt pavement. 

What Is Asphalt Sealcoating?

Asphalt sealcoating is the application of asphalt bitumen onto the surface of asphalt pavement. Asphalt bitumen is the binding agent in asphalt that keeps all the minerals and other hard ingredients together. This binder has oils in it that helps to prevent the asphalt from cracking. 

Three main types of asphalt sealcoating application are slurry, chip, and fog sealcoating. A slurry sealcoating is a mix of fine sand, water, and asphalt bitumen. Chip sealcoating includes aggregate rock to supplement pavement that has received too little maintenance. Lastly, fog sealcoating is a fine spray of pure asphalt bitumen over the pavement.

What Are the Benefits?

Is asphalt sealcoating necessary? When asphalt pavement is fresh, it is softer due to the oil in the binder. One should never seal a freshly installed parking lot, road, or driveway. Over time, the oils and moisture from the pavement will evaporate, and the asphalt will become harder and harder. Eventually, the hard pavement will crack, which is a ripe opportunity for water damage to occur. Asphalt sealcoating helps to minimize the rate of asphalt cracking over time, lengthening its lifespan. That binding agent helps to preserve the asphalt with its sticky oil and reduces the need for asphalt crack filling services.

Aside from its preservative quality, sealcoating also helps to keep your parking lot or road looking fresh. Asphalt fades over time, but a smooth, new blacktop will keep customers impressed. Motorists will appreciate the upkeep of their roads.

When Do You Need It?

The hot summer sun will help significantly reduce the sealer’s drying time, but Maryland’s high humidity in summer can also be problematic. It is best to seal the pavement between spring and fall, but technically, one can perform it any time of year.

How Often Do You Need It?

This sealer only lasts for 2-3 years. As mentioned before, one should wait some months at least before sealing a newly paved road or parking lot. Therefore, one should seal the asphalt every 2-3 years or talk with a professional at Teniseal/Parking Striping Corporation for additional pointers. 

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