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Hot-Pour and Cold-Pour Crack Sealants: Differences

This entry was posted on Friday, February 18th, 2022.

Hot-Pour and Cold-Pour Crack Sealants: Differences

Asphalt surfaces will eventually form cracks that can turn into large potholes if not tended to. Asphalt cracks and potholes shorten the lifespan of the pavement and put vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians at risk. They can also damage vehicles! Of course, routine maintenance is easy to schedule and quick to keep your pavement lasting as long as possible. Which type of sealant is best for your project? Below are the differences between hot-pour and cold-pour crack sealants.

Hot-Pour Crack Sealant

Hot-pour crack sealant comes in a solid form. A professional will put it through an applicating machine that melts the sealant and applies it appropriately to the cracks. It cures by returning to its solid, cool form. Because it is hot when applied, one can use this product any time of year.

Hot-pour crack sealant is flexible and can expand and contract with the pavement during the freeze-thaw cycle. It is sure to last for several years, keeping the cracks plugged and moisture-free. It is excellent for sealing wider as well as narrower cracks. Hot-pour crack sealant is the preferred product for commercial, governmental, and industrial asphalt pavement needs.

Cold-Pour Crack Sealant

Cold-pour crack sealant arrives in a liquid form and cures by evaporating as much of its moisture as possible. Therefore, it is best to apply it in warmer weather so that it can evaporate properly. Application is relatively quick and it also costs less than hot-pour crack sealant.

Although it costs less, it also does not last as long. It is a harder material and will not expand and contract with the asphalt. During the freeze-thaw cycle, it is more likely to break down and open up cracks to the air and moisture again. At best, it is useful for temporary or emergency fixes for smaller cracks. However, it is a decent product for residential asphalt driveways and commonly used in this arena.

Teniseal’s Hot-Pour Crack Filling Service

Sealing pavement cracks is an easy and necessary part of asphalt maintenance. Teniseal/Parking Striping Corporation can help you perform hot-pour crack filling and other asphalt maintenance services in Maryland! Contact us for more information!

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